Development Time: Jan. to Aug. 2019 (8 months)
Team Size: 8 Developers
Release Plan: Seeking Publisher

Developed over the course of our Spring Semester Junior Year for our Production II class, Simple Sandwich was the first game developed by Fellow Humans, LLC. This is a company I helped co-found with my teammates to bring the games we make to market!

Development Staff:
Austin Roorda | Karl Lewis | Emmett Friedrichs | Josh Grazda | Riley Morrisey | Adam Streeter | Kaylee Sharp | Cameron Belcher
Producer | Lead Designer | Level Designer | Lead Programmer | Lead Artist | Prop Artist | Character Artist | AI Programmer

My Roles:

During Development of Simple Sandwich I acted as the Producer and Project Manager of the project. I worked with the team and the Team Leads on a lot of the day to day development, but I was mostly responsible for the following:

  • Content Delivery Presentations to Faculty Stakeholders
  • Task / Velocity Tracking
  • Backlog Refinement / Maintenance 
  • Team Meeting / Work Session Facilitation
  • QA Planning / Analysis

What is Simple Sandwich?

Simple Sandwich is a 3D, top down “couch competitive” romp in which up to 4 players take control of a slice of bread with small arms and legs and compete to make the most, and BEST sandwiches as possible before the time runs out!

Compete against your friends to make lots of sandwiches as fast as you can in order to gain points! It’s as simple as jumping on top on ingredient you see, like, or want – and repeating that process until you’re the biggest sandwich on the menu!

Run back to the plate to compete the order faster than your friends to be crowned the fanciest and best sandwich!

Four Player Head to Head Competitive Sandwich Making!

Jump on top wandering ingredients to add them to your sandwich, then run over to the plate to cash in on the points! The player with the most points at the end of 60 seconds wins!

Game Intent

The intent of Simple Sandwich is to create a fast paced, frantic, and humorous couch competitive experience where players can just enjoy the absurdity of being a competitive sandwich! Players interact by attempting to set back their friends by stealing items, blocking their path or by outmaneuvering them! Players will experience hectic competition in which the tide can be turned easily at the last second as they disrupt and out-sandwich their opponents, resulting in lots of laughs at the end of a close game. We wanted to make a goofy game about living sandwiches that fought each other to be the best version of themselves that they could be, so we did!

Gameplay Features

A Simple Game with Simple Controls

We wanted to create a simple, easy, and fun game for all audiences. As we like to say within the team or when showing off the game at events or the testing lab –  ‘Simple Sandwich is a Simple Game with Simple Controls!’

By making it so our game only has two inputs, any person of any age or skill level can pick up and play!

Simple and easy to pick up and play! Just like making a sandwich (just don't play with your food)
4 Player Head to Head Action!

Couch-Competitive Sandwich Making!

Simple Sandwich brings players back to the early days of competitive gaming, where all players shared a screen and battled it out right next to one another.

Inspired by games we all grew up playing, grab a friend (or an enemy) and get ready to create your very own Simple Sandwich!

Gameplay Trailer!

Here you can check out the game-play trailer for Simple Sandwich! Check out our couch-competitive sandwich making extravaganza, with the footage being recorded from our play sessions at RPI GamesFest, PAX East and the RPI GamesFest!