Cash Force is still in development and the content on this page is subject to change. Nothing shown on this page is a final representation of what the game will look like.

What is Cash Force?

Cash Force is a high-octane arcade VR First Person Shooter where players take control of an undercover cop gone rogue fleeing the scene of a heist in a colorful 1970’s crime film-esque setting. 

Players must defend their stash of cash from pursuing thugs using an assortment of highly interactive weapons, shooting their way through waves of pursuing enemies from the back of their armored getaway van.

Carefully plan escape routes before fleeing the scene of the crime, but remember – the higher the risk the higher the reward!

Game Intent

The Intent behind the creation of Cash Force is to create a fast paced and exciting shooter experience for our players. Taking control of a cop gone rogue and determined to take down a rival crime syndicate in a colorful 1970s-inspired setting – players can lock, load, and let loose using a flashy arsenal of manually operated weapons!  Blast through enemies in hot pursuit from the back of your getaway van, racking up a body count and earning cash as you go. We want players to engage in fast-paced, combat-focused jobs: such as taking out specific enemies, fleeing a job gone wrong, or earning enough funds to skip town. 

Cash Force provides an immersive and accessible VR experience, emphasising arcade-style gameplay over intense simulation. Streamlined weapon interactions, like loading and shooting, retain the high level of interactivity and immersion VR is known for while keeping players in the action. The excitement and tension of car chase scenes from ’70s crime films are emulated through frantic gameplay scenarios. In-depth reward systems ensure risk and experience are met with high reward. Cash Force is a stylish, thrilling, and over-the-top shoot-’em-up that strives to challenge players no matter their mastery!

Gameplay Features

Weapon Handling

Two handed weapon interactions blend elements from the pick-up-and-shoot arcade shooters and more realistic and complex interactions of realistic simulations.


Interact with each weapon in a kinetic and meaningful way!
Be careful, there's always an enemy lurking!

Artistic Direction

The 1970s come to life with bright color palettes are intertwined with the frantic gameplay of Cash Force.

Unique color profiles are assigned to different gameplay elements, assisting the player in easily identifying friend from foe in the heat of a fire fight.

Pick How You Play

The world is your oyster, and you have an arsenal.
Rifles, Revolvers, SMGs and RPGs – each weapon has a distinct look and feel, interactions and upgrades to customize how you play. More weapons are coming soon!

Double the trouble by grabbing two guns at once!

My Role

Lead Producer, QA Liaison, Documentation Station

When Cash Force was initially conceptualized, out team was comprised of only 5 members including myself. On such a small team, I was responsible for all administrative duties. This included facilitating all meetings, Sprint Planning and Review sessions, acting as the QA Testing liaison and working on all marketing and business related content.I also ensured that the team was meeting all of their milestones as expected from our Stakeholder, the professor of our Capstone course. I create a weekly executive summary that covered sprint planning and sprint retrospectives over the course of 13 weeks.

My other duties include running team meetings, work sessions, tracking task completion rates, burn-down and velocity. I work with the entire team to create reasonable milestones that we can accomplish, and a maintain a project plan that we can use to keep ourselves focused on the tasks / features that really matter. Now that the team’s size has expanded by 10 members (for a total of 18), it is my job to keep the wheels turning between all sub-teams and ensure that we are still reaching our content delivery milestones on time. It’s a blast and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Gameplay Trailer / Gallery